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Choosing a gift

How you choose a gift does tell a lot about you and about your relation with the gifted one. If you decide alone – I know what he/she need – then, this might be a little a short sight view, you might think that you know, but what if you do not?

If you ask the receiver straight – first you spoil the surprise, then you might end up with an answer that is not what you have expected – the 30th pair of runners, some fishing tools to keep me away from you, some expensive car,  or the indifferent: I don’t know… So, it’s up to you to keep your ears and eyes on the ball and ask-guess-compromise for the real wish.

My significant He wanted a watch. In his opinion a man should not ware jewelries, but a watch can be classy, useful, precise, piece of art and if you choose it right – can be forever – or the male version of  “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Therefore I’ve start looking and trying to find out what makes a watch click?

For hundreds of years man were fascinating about time, how to measure it – when women were fascination about how to spend it… but this is another story…

So, TAG Heuer is a family company with 150 years of experience in building watches. It does not make the most expensive ones like Vacheron Constantin whose whirlwind is used to compensate the effects of gravity on the accuracy of a timepiece and you can find them in limited edition with about 1,5 millions of dollars. What TAH Heuer does is to  combine the same look from 1880 with the inspiration from the Hawksbill turtles and bold innovations. It makes watches owned over the time by General Eisenhower 1945; Prince William of Sweden 1947; Harry S Truman 1947; the aeronaut John Glenn 1962; Ferrari team 1971; McLaren Mercedes team and endless names of champions in all kind of sports that were enchanted by the 1/100th of the second accuracy or the resistance at 500 meters under the water.

So, TAG Heuer it was…


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