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Rules when dating bears

I met last week a collegue from a previous work, who was very much into hunting. Blue eyes, candid look, a killer can hide under any face. Disussing about this and that he gave me a lecture about rules when meeting a bear.

1. Is better to avoid it, carying a small bell into your packet. The sound of the bell prevents the meeting.

2. If you didn’t take the bell with you, which you should!, after facing the bear, don’t run! Start going backwards, slowly, facing it. He might probably do the same. In addition, usually the bears do not attack women! Human women! Nice touch, mister bear!

3. There are 4 cases (he counted!) when a bear attack: if you’re between a mother and her cub; if you’re between a male and a female when they are in mating period; if he is protecting his food a´nd if he’s hurted. In this case, is better to lie down, facing the earth and protecting your neck with your hands. Stay there, let the bear pee on you and move only after he’s gone.

Nice video here

and here


11 decembrie 2010 - Posted by | Din invataturile lui Neagoe Basarab catre fiul sau Teodosie |

2 comentarii »

  1. Foarte interesant.
    Colegul a facut aceste execritii ? cu ursul in fata?

    Comentariu de Mihaela | 12 decembrie 2010 | Răspunde

    • nu – el i-a dat una peste bot – ca-n primul clip… l-ai deschis?

      Comentariu de myohemmin | 12 decembrie 2010 | Răspunde

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