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The Maggot

I am pretty sure that you have got some indigestion after looking at this meat for half a year…  Maybe is time to taste some lemon for a change 🙂

Some incredible thing happen to me recently, and since I can not keep my mouth shut and a shrink is quite expensive – I decided to write about it…

Making it short – while being with my mother in a public place, I have received a coffee invitation from a respectable person for the next day. In my credulity I was thinking that the man needs some help in some area, or he is looking for some cooperation or God knows what – and to tell you the truth, I didn’t dare to ask about the subject of the meeting, because I assumed that it might be confidential – if he didn’t discuss it in front of everybody – right? Did I mentioned that he was a respectable man?

I left my home–sweet-home on Sunday morning; I drove 50km in the heat, enjoying the flue that my daughter brought as a present from France; but nevertheless I felt good, because I was about to help someone in need.

I met the guy and we started with a small talk about life, Finland, Romanian, our spouses, our children, so on – while in the middle of my speech about the level of renovation of my house and how much my husband is working daily – he leant on me, touched my hair and said: “I didn’t know that you are such a dynamic woman”. All my assumptions of innocence were evaporated in a second, so, I took my jacket and left the building.

I am still astonished about what happened and what have I done wrong. I have dressed myself decently, in jeans, runners and buttoned up till my mouth – I have talked about my husband widely, I had all my rings on my finger (as well as he), I was equilibrated and I have a certain life experience considering at my age, so I was not sending any mixed signals… So?

What was in the idiot head? There was no secret service around – so he was not any important figure of the world. There was no helicopter involved – so he was not incredible rich. His speech was lacking any deep philosophy – was more at the level of a bored house wife, talking about his daughter sex life ?!?. He was not an author of any master piece in art, music or anything. He was not “Chippendale” stripper type and neither young anymore, his look asking more for medical help than promising any “unforgettable wild adventure”. So, how a mediocre clerk like this, can even imagine that a women, while she is talking with great admiration about her husband, might be interested to give up everything, for a cup of coffee and his overblown ego? I am still astonished and hurt by this lack of respect for me, for my family and for the fact that instead of cutting the grass in my yard I was wasted my time with a maggot.


9 iunie 2011 - Posted by | Omul |

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  1. De-abia acum am avut timp si liniste sa citesc tot …Chiar te-a suparat aceasta creatura !

    Comentariu de 1001vorbe | 14 iunie 2011 | Răspunde

  2. Ha ha ! Poti s-o iei si ca pe un compliment, nu? (just joking!)

    Comentariu de asacredeu | 15 iunie 2011 | Răspunde

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