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Jon Bon Jovi

was something else… He didn’t need any introduction and sang in a pouring rain for 40.000 people… Didn’t stop, didn’t breath, he was jumping around for 2 and half hours in wet clothes and tight jeans! What a show! His sound was not as good as in Clapton’s show, the music was maybe not so elaborated – but the guy, looking forever young – had an incredible voice and was making a great show. Why doesn’t he ask people for a coffee?

19 Iunie 2011 - Posted by | muzica | ,

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  1. Eu deja bausem cafeaua in ziua aceea, asa ca l-am refuzat!! Next time…..

    Tocmai ce ti-am spus, de le, in aArt, cu Erick Clapton. Super concert !!!!

    Comentariu de mihaela plesoiu | 16 August 2011 | Răspunde

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