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Gone with the wind…

18 hours of flight… In the end, the TV monitor became smaller and smaller, the headphones were crushing my ears and every bone in my body was cramped in the microscopic space of the British Airways’ craft. But I made it…

In Rio was winter, deep darkness at 21:00. Three girls at the airport were fighting to sell us a ride. We took a cab to the hotel. It was good that I was not alone. The traffic was chaotic and quite long…

The hotel was beautiful, the streets were empty, but the ocean made worth it all the effort … Great waves, salty water, warm, I love the water, I love being surrender by the water, under its power, a little unsafe – but still friendly, small drops of adrenaline pumping through my veins. I didn’t dare to try it in the first night – so I had to wait for the second day; bitter- sweet taste of waiting…

First day in Barra da Tijuca– small walk on the beach – yes the water was exactly how I dream about it… Outside was quite cold, maybe 20C – it was winter after all…

Second day was working day – the Brazilians are good for samba, but don’t let them organize anything for you…

Third day we went to Ipanema. My guys were all young, looking for girls, counting their money, but never the less, I belonged to the group, I was not an outsider like in almost all the other occasions… In the night we went to see a local samba group performing in Nuth. We could not entry without IDs, metal detector checking and pictures taken of each of us- quite scary, after all the stories with dangerous Rio in the night. The people in the club were mixed, gay friendly and sex selling friendly, but after the band started I began to dance and everything changed. One old lesbian couple showed me some moves, another one said I was looking like an amazon – I was in friendly waters. Alone, but not entirely…

Fourth day I had my presentation. The 3 hours of sleep I have spent stressing about it. I have tried to check everything, but in the end only one of my movies was working. My Finns came to support me, after the sleepless night! Waw!

Fifth day we went to see Christ the Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf. It was a jeep trip with a very talkative guide. A huge balancing of cable car spiced out the trip. Jeesus was there, embracing us all: „Our Father in heaven… lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

In the evening I went home. Today is the second day since I’ve left the southern hemisphere and my time is totally upside down. I can’t sleep I can’t eat, I can’t unwind; Rio mixed up my rhythm completely.


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