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Turvallista Suomea

Remember my Saab? The classical one 🙂 ?  Then keep remember it because someone else liked it – and just took it! From turvallista Suomea! It just had new tires, new cd-player and new GPS.  And no insurance! It’s not that I really was in love with the car, but I had to walk today to town… let’s see how it will be when it will start raining. So, whoever you are – take care of her and bring it back to mama… You’ll find my address pressing „home”, just follow the indications – I’m waiting…


18 iulie 2011 - Posted by | Omul |

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  1. ha ha ha! Turvallista, mutta…… Don’t forget about the other nationalities walking around turvallista Suomea…
    As the world is so small, maybe one of our „co”-nationals” liked it and just took it, that’s the way they do here, so……I wouldn’t be surprised if when you will get it back (because I do believe you will) Poliisi will put you face to face with someone speaking … äidinkielti…. just kidding!

    Comentariu de asacredeu | 19 iulie 2011 | Răspunde

  2. i understood that police is not actively looking for it – so it might take a while before finding it… and it might be destroyed all the way… äidinkieli or not….

    Comentariu de myohemmin | 19 iulie 2011 | Răspunde

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