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Conquer your fear

It’s 3 o’clock, am, no TV, no books, no tomorrow… In Maldives is monsoons season, when you can’t predict the weather for more than 3 hours. Today the sky is full with stars, so it won’t rain for some time. The air conditioner is doing its job – outside is a wet sticky hot, which can be barely calm down in the hot calm Indian Ocean. No waves, this is a lagoon.

The island, Kuredu, has 1,5km all around. You can walk it through in half of hour. It’s all sand – white sand – nobody wears any shoes, not even the man who waspiloting the seaplane…

First day I was a zombie – I’ve tried unsuccessfully to sleep, to eat, to relax, to rewind – no way! I had another movie running in head, full time. The welcome massage synchronized a bit my inner and outer world – I was in paradise, what the heck! It’s time to enjoy it!

Since my sis infected me with the scuba virus, I had it on my list for quite a while, tried it in Italy, got water in my mask, scared to death – heart pumping heavily in my ears, so I’ve abandon it in the middle of the session. But since it was a virus I have infected my significant one, therefore he put it on his list – so here we are giving it another try. We are 3 students: us and one Russian. The trainer is French, Benoit, speaking perfectly English. After some theory we went to lagoon and tried the gear. It was easy: put on and off your mask, cease the fish in shallow water, control your buoyancy. I could do it. The second lesson we went further in the sea. Don’t stop breathing, equalize the pressure, adjust the air in your BCD (buoyancy control device) – I was scared but brave. We were going deeper and deeper and after some time my glasses were so full of steam that I couldn’t see anything – only fog and moving shadows. Then the trainer showed us a black hole and said let’s go for it! No, really? I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, why should I want to go in that hole? So I told my French guy: I’m not going there! We had a long conversation about this: did I have problems in my ears? No. In my heart? No. In my head? Definitely! So he made a very wise decision, change the route, take my hand and said that we’ll go just for a little more: about 1,5 cm – he shown me with his eloquent hands. He was articulate, smart, experienced, fit, so I trusted him with my life. And there we are, deep in the hole, with my steamy glasses and my heart bumping in my head. There was no fun, just my will trying to control my closer and closer panic attack. But I stick it in, and I went all the way out. The next night I could finally sleep. The third day we had an open water diving. The French man abandon us – he was French after all, so we’ve got a German instead, worst English, laughing like crazy, definitely not my type. We went by boat in the middle of the sea, put the gear on and jump in the water. The French fixed my glasses before I left – it was supposed to burn he protection film before using them. How should I have known it? Nevertheless seeing is a bless. I didn’t need any hand, any support, I was free and independent. And the world deep there is breathless: millions of fishes all the colors: blue, red, green, yellow, big, small, round, fat, I was the little mermaid. There was no shark today. Over 26 species of sharks are living in Lhaviyani Atoll. Baby-sharks are coming close to the beach looking for food; and sometimes parents-sharks too. Don’t touch them is the main rule. And control your fear; your mind is more powerful than anything else.



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  1. SUPER ! Acum am gasit timp sa citesc. Instructorul, trebuie sa va invete, sa va scoateti apa din ochelari, chiar daca intra. Noi umezim masca cu saliva, apoi clatim, si asa o punem la ochi. Foarte frumos. ma bucur, ca ti-ai invins teama. Eu nu am avut-o decta ff putin prima daca. Si imi era frica sa nu abandonez, si nici nu am facut-o. Am facut-o pana la capat !

    Comentariu de mihaela plesoiu | 11 August 2011 | Răspunde

    • Clatitul mastii nu ajuta daca nu-i arzi/speli cu pasta de dinti – folia aia de protectie pe care o pune fabricantul pe ea… Dupa aceea n-am mai avut probleme si ulterior am dat masca jos integral la 10m adancime, si greutatile si vesta si tot… ca era in curricula cursului…:-)

      Comentariu de myohemmin | 11 August 2011 | Răspunde

  2. DA STIU. Asa am facut si noi. Noi avem CERTIFICATUL de la PADI. Voi? Astia am vazut ca sunt super exigenti, si nu trec cu vedera nimic. Sunt din Elvetia, si au intsructori f constiinciosi. Clatitul cu o „solutie speciala” , l-am facut la inceput prima data. dar zilnic, faceam faza aia, cu „saliva”. Asa recomandau ei. Si nu am avut probleme deloc!

    Comentariu de mihaela plesoiu | 16 August 2011 | Răspunde

  3. Speram, sa vedem, poate facem ceva cu recuperarea vaporului.
    Si daca DA, mergem la marea Rosie, impreuna. Sa vedem.

    Comentariu de mihaela plesoiu | 16 August 2011 | Răspunde

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