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Catamaran, my first love

When it’s the right one – you just know it! I don’t believe that you actually need time to be sure, or to over check, you just „click” and there you are, chained to it! I have been on big ships, on smaller ones; on speed ones, on rowing boats, on water bicycles, on sailing boats, but from all of them I love the catamaran. I have met him in 2009 in Malta. For some reason, because of Eminescu’s “knights from Malta” I was under the impression that this country is a must to be visit. I was a little disappointed until I met him. Outside it was unbearable hot, the hotel air condition was not the best, the sand was killing my skin and I couldn’t wear any of my beautiful shoes, but then he came walking down the see, singing doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy do. It was tall and fresh, I could lie on the net between his hulls and feel the wind, see the water and hear my heart beating doo wa diddy dum diddy do. His name was the Spirit of Malta. (in case you’re too laisy to check my links).

Now in Maldives, with all the diving there was no  much time left – but since you must have 18 hours between your last dive and a flight, we had time to book a catamaran in the last day.

A smaller one this time, but love was there, in the air… The ocean was tough, the wind was blowing, the sky was clouded and the skipper was sailing with 20nodes/hour (he said laughing). Nothing to worry about! He rush us from one hull to another, we were in the air, smashed by waves, with the ocean sneaking under my life vest, touching my skin, salty, demanding, totally on control. My heart was bumping, I had no voice left for screaming, it was love all the way… I definitely could live like this!


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  1. Si eu iubesc catamaranul. LOVE IT ! As sta pe are zile in sir!

    Comentariu de mihaela plesoiu | 9 August 2011 | Răspunde

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