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A little piece of heaven – First time in Lapland

There was a long way to drive and unexpectedly many cars all the way. We were quite unsure of the reservation because they didn’t ask any credit card number, nor guaranty – they just said “welcome”. Everything went well in the end – people are reliable in the north.

The cottage was wonderful: very humble outside, very high tech inside – like everything else in Finland. Showing off is a waste of time and taste – after all…

Compared to an “all inclusive” holiday, the atmosphere is from another planet. No  noise, no jokes, no friends, just you and the nature. All what you could do is ski. So this is what we were doing.

Skiing is an individual sport. You are most of the time alone with your thoughts.

Phase one – when you start you’re full of energy, ready to conquer the world. Then the hills are starting. You can see the first peak and you think: I really needed some exercise, this is perfect. Reaching the first peak you realize that this was just the beginning. Despite all the physics, it seems that the direction is only up. The routes are round, and always skiing up!?

Phase two – you stop counting the peaks, they are always hidden– so you submerse in your inner world. While driving, 13 hours, I’ve heard over and over  “I’ll catch a grenade for you”. Why someone would think that dying is a gift? – I have no clue… Why don’t you buy her a Maserati, or take her on your boat? Make her a soup when she’s sick – but dying for her? This is pure revenge – get help and understand: you alone are responsible to solve your problems! Why would she catch a grenade for you? I wouldn’t! Thank you very much for asking…

Phase three – you are on top of the hill, finally. Now the only direction is down… Of course is a red track, so you feel obligated to fall down at least ones. The snow is new, soft, shiny and perfect – you can do it… The adrenaline renews your appetite for life.

Phase four – you stop thinking at your body and start enjoying the nature. All this beauty only for you, and you alone! The tracks are redone every day, but during one route you maybe meet 10 people in 2 hours. (Mainly in the resting cottages.) All the empty hills are just for you, all the trees and birds – just for you, the sun is shining – just for you. This is a piece of heaven… just for you.

Phase five – you pass the non-returning point, going further or turning back means more than 10km. All what you have to do is keep going. You’re not thinking about nature anymore, you don’t pay attention to the color of the track – you are thankful for each slide that will save your forces. All what you think is how to survive till the cottage, where the sauna was programmed to wait for you. You are imagining only the sound of water thrown on the hot stones and that you have to move your right hand, then left leg, then left hand, just breathe in, breathe out, then in, then out, until you make it home…


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