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The vacation felt as an unexpected gift. More undeserved –  than unexpected. I have still promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. 2012

This year was a short one. I had no clue when it passed away. Is it a good thing, that life is passing bye under my watch and I don’t notice it? I started to be aware of my immortality: a pain here, a sleepless night there, but I’m still in charged: I can still make things happened.

To draw the line, it was a good year. After a long waiting, I’ve changed the team at work – and change is good. I finished my credits at school – but I didn’t finish writing my articles. I’ve done a little travelling: Copenhagen, Vilnius, Warsaw, Västerås, Dusseldorf. We’ve done some work in the yard, not so much to the house: we’ve finished the bathroom downstairs, the entrance room and the washing room. The important achievement is that we’ve got the permission to live upstairs. However, there are plenty of things left to do!

What did not work so well is that She is not happy with her life: still looking and wishing and blaming and explaining and postponing and changing and planning and changing again. I hope that She will find her destination, one day. (If any of us can ever find it…) I wish, at least, that she can reach a  harbor, through the anchor and grown some roots.


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