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The job interview

open windownWhen a door is closed a window will open. We all have been there: after graduation, between jobs, after we have learnt a new skill. From time to time we need to draw the line, sit down and start working on our CV. But, why waiting until the door will close? We can all see, if we are watching, that the wind starts blowing, that our work is not vital anymore, or just that the market trend does not look very optimistic for our industry segment. So, it is clear that sooner or later the door will be shut down nosily. My advice is not to wait. Check the weather and update your CV periodically.

Writing where you are coming from, what you have done, what you would like to do; is like looking in the mirror. You can notice your grandma nose and the sleepless night before some exam and if you are not the overconfident type – you’ll end up always critical. You can blame the light or the quality of the mirror for what you see, or you can try to improve the results: wash your face, comb your hair, put some lipstick – if you’re a woman…
Checking your CV will help you understand which line is missing, which skill is needed, what should be done for achieving the next goal!

 Sending the CV is a more difficult step. Is like asking your friend or competitor about how you look like. Usually you need a clear motivation to do it. However, when the critical motivation will come, it might be more to difficult to persuade in this direction. Having an alternative, a good position in the present, makes the negotiation easier for you. Then, is convenient to stay calm, to listen, to look less eager, but interested and evaluate the advantages and the disadvantages of the new challenge.

I was working in another company when they started to lay out people. I was a foreigner, the only woman in my team, the last employed and I didn’t speak any language perfectly. My English was even worst than now and my Finnish was not existing at all. So I could feel the door starting to move. I started sending CV to all possible companies where a mechanical engineering work could be needed, even if they had or not open positions. I have received a lot of “you’re now in our database” answers, but no invitation to any interview. Until a day, when I was visiting a customer in Sweden and my phone rang. It was a man talking in Finnish and asking if the application that I had done more than 8 months ago is still valid. The machines were running, the customer was listening, I could not ask a lot of questions so I just said that I’m in Sweden and I’ll phone back. He understood that I moved to Sweden, so he was surprised when I returned the phone after a couple of days. And this is how my career in in my current company has started.

What did I learn from these?

  • When you’re not satisfied with your life, there is no point in feeling miserable – wake up and make a change! Going to hair stylist help for a short time, but sending your CV might change your whole life.
  • Change is good. It is something that you know for sure that it will always happen. Don’t wait for the change to take you by surprise, be prepared and deal with it on your own terms.
  • Don’t give up if your dreams will not come alive tomorrow. Always a window will open, when one door is about to close.

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  1. Super! O poveste frumoasa, inspirata din realitate…. viata e frumoasa… ai vazut, dupa 8 luni, a venit raspunsul si astfel ti-ai schimbat viata. Mult succes in continuare….

    Comentariu de mihaela plesoiu | 9 martie 2013 | Răspunde

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