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Fast forward

I love to come from the gym. After the sauna, the snow smells unbelievable and you can feel your neurons moving again… I am not very eager to go to the gym. I can find millions of reasons why I can’t. So what I would like is to speed up the time when I’m undecided – before I grab my bag and leave the house; and slow down the afterwards feeling, that I have done something good for me today. Like in the Click, but without the side effects.


17 Martie 2013 - Posted by | eu |

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  1. e frumos la gym. simti endorfina in tot corpul, si te simti mai tanar, mai in forma. Ai satisfactia unui lucru propus si dus la final. Good for you !

    Comentariu de mihaela plesoiu | 7 Aprilie 2013 | Răspunde

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