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The asshole

Do you know the type? The one that pretends to be polite, civilized, ready to cure the cancer and fight for human rights; but in reality is an egocentric piece of sheet?

He can give you a lot of arguments about his behavior, he can ask you to read articles to educate yourself – so that you can understand and treat him “right”. But in reality is all about being too lazy to care about anything else but him. You cannot make any proposal, you have no means to negotiate any deal, is his way or the highway.

One more day and I’ll get out of here! It is exhausted to deal with this kind of people. ”Catch 22” is that I have no clue what I will do when the conference will be over – for one entire day in this hot, dirty, smelly, chauvinistic country.


10 iulie 2013 - Posted by | eu |

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  1. Este un tipar binecunoscut …. Nu inteleg ce vrei sa spui tu.

    Comentariu de 1001vorbe | 17 iulie 2013 | Răspunde

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