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Hei you,

It’s been a while since my last article and I think it’s time to change the tune. Like all the good things, the bad things have also an end. So, what’s new?

I can proudly declare that I have finished the school! If i look back my graduation years were: 1984; 1989;  1999; 2014, so the duration between 2 schools increased arithmetical with the rate of 5 years. Meaning that the next would be in 2034! It wouldn’t be impossible, but most probably not worth it.

Therefore I declare  2014 the year when I rearrange my priorities. Which means: stop planning and start living: you’re good enough that way you are! Make peace with yourself!

It came quite synchronized with the invitation to attend a course about the „The joy of present”. A friend from work mention it, and it sound like a great idea after equations and Fourier transformations.

The main message from the first lesson was  enjoy the moment. I was a little confused with „do i have to enjoy all the moments, even the bad ones?” What about the rapes from Purge when the Aliide became a fly on the wall to escape the horror that happen with her? Should we enjoy that kind of  moments too? The answer was that except the extreme situation, we have to try to enjoy every moments of our hard, unfair, little  life, since this is the only one we get. Settled!

Then we were taught to clear our mind of thoughts, because even if Descartes is saying „I think therefore I am” life is more than thoughts and sometimes we should let them go. See more below, if you have patience.

I didn’t. I am keep wondering if all these guys meditating are just lazy or am I too far behind to understand the en lightnings of their experience? At least I’m trying.

The lesson finished with a homework: define a measurable target that you need to reach before the summer; and write in a happy diary every step you made in that direction.

My target is: when dealing with unpleasant situations, to keep calm and enjoy the moment. Somehow. I don’t know yet how. Will this make he happier? Stay tuned…



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