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Happy diary, day more than 2

I had lunch today with some colleagues from the same course and guess what: they were complaining that there was no happy days in their life and they were unhappy because their bosses, colleagues, family, whatever did not appreciate/paid/loved them enough.  Really annoying complains about things that cannot be practically changed. So, I was wondering – is this how I sound like? Definitely yes. Did I like this? Definitely no.

Therefore my target for this course is to enjoy living every moment, although I am not appreciated and people are not thanking me for being so perfect.

Are my colleagues horrible? I have to appreciate that I am working and have colleagues.

Am I working to much home and nobody noticed? I have to be happy that I have a home.

Is She ungrateful? I have to be happy that she’s home, safe and healthy.

Is the weather cloudy? I have to be happy not to get skin burns…

You’ve got the message… Let’s see how I manage to find the good thing in every annoying situation.


12 Martie 2014 - Posted by | eu |

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