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Brain fitness

I have a confession to make: yesterday I had a quite heavy evening. I went out, meet some friends, have some drinks and instead of spending some short time out, I went to sleep at 2 o’clock. Not my time. So this morning I wake up not so fresh. I didn’t find my phone because I left it in my jacket, so I went to get it from downstairs, there the dog was waiting so I gave her food. I return to my bedroom and I realize that the phone is still missing. I went downstairs and the coffee was ready, so I had my breakfast, I went upstairs and the phone was still missing. Did this ever happen to you? I went 3 times to pick up my phone and each time I started to do something else instead – so, so frustrating!
After I finally found my phone,  and manage to get dressed, I start driving the car thinking at my day and I end up turning toward work instead of driving to Helsinki. So I put on my navigator, start dreaming and continuing my trip – did you ever sleep driving and ending up in the wrong place? So frustrating!

Am I getting old? You know the retiring age is 65? So, not tomorrow… Am I losing my memory? Is Alzheimer one step around the corner? What can I do?

My nephew was studying Cognitive science in Sussex and he started to lecture me that the brain can be brainwashed (weather in Finland is perfect – just use the rights cloths), can be fooled to believe an “alternative reality” (I’m so brave after a few powerful posture – said Amy Cuddy on TED), can be taught to relearn or take over some functions after losing them through some accidents or so on. Later studies also showed that brain can be actually trained as a muscle. So he recommended me program. There you can do brain fitness.
The program – online- has over 70E6 members, is used in 182 countries and is develop in cooperation with 36 university.
There you can train there:
-memory to remember locations, associate names with faces, keeping track of information etc;
-attention distribution between multiple tasks, ignoring distractions, picking out patterns
-speed decision making, reacting, reorienting,
-flexibility – adjusting to shifting rules, switching between tasks
-problem solving – using logical reasoning, making accurate estimation, calculating figures in your head, planning.
Research found that if an activity is repeated, the brain tends to fall back on the same set of existing neural pathways. To continue changing, the brain must be exposed to novel, adaptive experiences that challenge it to work in new ways.

How does it work?
Go online, register, make your first test and your brain profile compared to your age category.
The software is tailoring a program for you, that will be adapted based on your performance.
Use the program for 3-5 days a week (it take about 30 mins).
The cost is about 4 euro/months for 1 year of training – the price of a beer; that is known for killing your brain.

Like every other fitness; this one is also requiring commitment, is not enough to pay your gym monthly fee and get 6 packs, so it works in the same way. You’ll feel annoyed when you make mistakes, you’ll feel happy when you succeed, tired when you concentrate and learn, but overall you can see your progress and even the science and the research will be proved wrong, think at it as a different way of spending 30 mins a day instead of watching TV, playing the same computer games over and over or just drinking beer.
Summarizing: brain can be trained, for 4 euro/month, you can ensure yourself a 6 packs brain with Lumosity program. Go for it!


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