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Italian politeness

So I’m staying in this nice old hotel, all good, besides the cleaning ladies who all the time change the position of the things in my room. Yesterday she put the air remote control on the wall on a hidden spot and I’ve spent 30 mins to look for it. In the end I called the receptionist who invited himself to my room and help finding it!?! I was already in my night dress and happily I have notice the remote control on the wall, when he knocked to my door.

Today my night dress was missing, I search again everywhere unsuccessfully and I called the receptionist with very clear instructions that I want the cleaning lady to tell me where she put it. The guy (another one) didn’t offer to come and for it, but told me that he would not like to disturb the cleaning lady, so he gave me one hour to look for it myself.

I’m not expecting the Japanese politeness but in Italy „the customer is always right” has a different connotation.


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