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Sound walks

Have you even been to a sound walk? Quite fascinating thing. Is kind of sight-walk, but you pay attention to sounds and not to sight. You have to walk quietly, preferable with your eyes closed and try to concentrate how you feel about the sounds. The guide was a PhD student for sound architecture and her objective was to understand, map and preserve the soundscapes of specific places. Did you know that there are several soundscapes heritages protected by UNESCO?

We were a small group and we were not allowed to talk during the walk. We had a map and 5 stops, were we concentrate on the sounds and then explained how we felt. First stop was a railway-station that felt like vacation; second was a narrow street, quiet and protected from the sun, that felt safe; then was a wider market square, that was closer to a river, feeling fresh. The next stop was on a bridge, close to a water fall, that felt exciting; the last stop was in front of an old church, with brick-walls that reflected the sund of the river. You could hear a huummm that was not easy to identify – however i felt dusty instead of fresh. Would you like to hear it? Try some points on Firenze sound map.


24 iulie 2015 - Posted by | Pamantul

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  1. Very interesting! I would like to participate! 👏👏👏

    Comentariu de Mihaela | 27 iulie 2015 | Răspunde

    • Pe harta de pe link, poti asculta sunetele din diferite locatii, incearca!

      Comentariu de myohemmin | 28 iulie 2015 | Răspunde

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