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New York

The passport control was faster than in London and we have finally arrived in the wet hot America! With „New York, New York” song in my head the first impression is HIGH! Not 1 building, not a street, but all around the town I can’t keep my eyes out of beautiful impressive buildings, one more crazier than another.
The streets are wide and behind first avenue there is not -1 avenue, like I’ve expected, but the river. The streets are perfectly parallel and you can’t stop wondering when did they have time to build so much?
Our hotel is vey central but old. The water system could be updated and the air conditioner is just fit in the open window, meaning that the sound level in the room is constantly over 60dB. Although better than in a pub where we took a beer and a greasy heart attack sandwich – where was impossible to talk to your neighbor, therefore everyone was literally shouting.
However, I just love the buildings!


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  1. It’s my favourite town. I love it! ❤️❤️❤️

    Comentariu de Mihaela | 31 iulie 2015 | Răspunde

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