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Coney island

This morning we ate in the park. Not Central park, but a smaller one, closer to the hotel St. James (on 45th ave) and full with chairs and tables, with people having the morning yoga, hurry people, lazy people, homeless people (22000 children are living in shelters for homeless in NY – said a billboard), so the words „if you can make it there you can make it anywhere” suddenly have a deeper meaning – can one really making it here? Trump shinning hotel in front of Central park – said yes, some can.

1 hour by subway – which is not metro, neither tube here – and you’re on the beach. Atlantic ocean is about 18C, so, kind of Finnish lakes – but the temperature outside is rising fast, 28, 29, 33 C at noon. The place looks like the poor relative of a rich family – the ocean is full with trash, but the safe guards are every 10 meters. It was a good day!


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